Debug ChatFlow


In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use the debug function in ChatFlow.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to
  • Enter Debug Mode in ChatFlow
  • Check the output of a node
  • Set a breakpoint in your app
  • Walk through your app breakpoint by breakpoint
  • Walk through your app step by step

Getting Started

  1. Download the Line By Line Sample Application JSON and import it using the import it to ChatFlow.

Openning the Debug Tab

  1. To toggle the Info & Debug Tabs, click on Click on “≡” in the upper right hand corner of the Canvas to toggle.

  2. To open the Debug Tab, click on Debug on the right hand corner of the tab.



You can clear the content of the debug tab by clicking on the red trashcan.

The Debug Node

The Debug outputs the output of the connected node to the Debug Tab.


This is a great tool to figure out what a node is outputting. Simply connect and watch the node’s output populate the debug node.

  1. Add a debug and connect it to the “4” state.

Adding in Breakpoints

Breakpoints and the Stepping functionality can be found in the Debug Toolbar at the bottom of the Canvas.

  1. Click on the red break point in the debug toolbar and drag it to the output of the “1” enter node and to the input of the “2” enter node.

Moving Line by Line

Deploying in Debug mode

  1. Click on “Deploy”.
  1. Once the application has deployed, open the Deploy drop down menu and click on Switch to Debug.

Moving Step by Step

  1. Open the Chat Tab and send the string “1” to your application.
  2. The app should shop at the first breakpoint. Click on the continue button in the debug toolbar to continue onto the next breakpoint.


As you progress through the flow, the debug node you added will send its output to the Debug Tab.

The process should look something like this:

  1. In the Chat Tab, send the string “1” again.
  2. In the debug toolbar, click on the step button to move step by step to move node by node.

The process should look something like this:

Feel free to play around with the debug tools in you application!